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Sweeet New Corel Product for Collaboration!

Corel WordPerfect Lightning!

I'm still exploring this new software to discover everything it can do, but one of the sweetest things is this:

It opens any PDF, Word or WordPerfect document for viewing, printing and . . . copying into a note - which can be easily edited and then automatically inserted into an email.

So . . . You can create a legal document using your current word processor, and email it to your client in PDF. They open it using the (FREE) Lightning viewer, review it, copy any text they want to edit to a Lightning Note and then Lightning can automatically insert the note's contents into the body of an email! You receive the email and copy/paste the text into the original document - and you guessed it - you maintain control of the editing process!

If clients edit their legal documents in Lightning, they can't use track changes! You can either edit the original or create a 2nd version for the creation of a redline copy using your word processor's COMPARE feature (or CompareRite or Deltaview) instead of Track Changes! (Combining Track Changes and Compare doesn't always turn out so well.) I'm still checking, but I'm thinking NO METADATA! And it's FREE. And EASY!

I downloaded the (free) beta this morning. Supposedly it will continue to be free, like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For more robust editing and markup, Adobe Acrobat Reader is still a better choice, but for a clean, simple editing option, this is . . . Sweeeet!

I'll keep learning and update this post as I go!

Want to try out the FREE beta version? Go ahead, it won't hurt. Or just learn more about Lightning here:

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